Tired of friends or coworkers being late to the events you host? The MeetOnTime Android app aims to revolutionize the way we meet through a clever incentivization system that rewards on time behavior. When creating an event using the intuitive meeting creation system, the host defines the meeting through a a meeting name, location, and time. Using local contact integration the host will then be able to send out an SMS blast to select users who will receive a instant text powered by the Twilio API informing them of their invitation. Each text will contain a unique ID for the meeting that attendees can then input into the app to join the event. To incentivize attendees to arrive on time a higher rating will be given for someone who is on time versus one who arrives late. These ratings are all then aggregated together on a database to give each user one simple numerical ranking that is available for all to see on their user profile. When an attendee checks-in to an event to gain their points the app verifies their GPS location to ensure that the attendee is actually in the vicinity of the meeting and not falsely checking-in. We believe this app has the potential to succeed because not only does it improve people's ability to network but it also plays on the humans desire to receive easy rewards and stimulus. The learning curve of MeetOnTime is very shallow and even a user with minimal phone know-how would be able to navigate the app with ease. This app truly has the potential to become widespread and change the way we meet forever.

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