Recently being sick and having to keep track of medications has impacted our own lives and we felt that there must be a better way to make sure the medication we need is readily available and safe to use.

What it does

MEDremind allows users to easily keep track of their prescription medication from tracking daily intake to getting reminders for expired medication and refill needs. Each account allows many users so family can help track medication needs for elder parents or young children. The daily tracker also sends text notifications to remind users at the appropriate times and to keep them accountable.

How we built it

Using Adobe XD and Illustrator our designer branded and wire-framed the site for easy usability and recognition as a safe and reliable product.

Challenges we ran into

Completing all the features we planned with given we had one dev

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using the MERN stack for the first time.

Turning designer's proof-of-concepts into a functioning site

What we learned

How to hook up with MongoDB into a React web page

What's next for MedRemind

Uploading medicine prescription data by simply taking a picture!

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