Everytime we go to the doctor’s office they are always typing and focused on the computer screen. We're bringing conversation back to the doctors office.

What it does

MediVox listens to the doctors interaction and acts upon that: logging patient biometrics, symptoms, labs, prescriptions, and follow-up appointments so the doctor can focus on treating the patient. The prescription and next appointment are then texted to the patient.

MediVox makes the doctor-patient relationship more transparent.

How we built it

Launched by inspiration

Challenges we ran into

  • Noise level for testing voice
  • Wireless being so slow

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a way for doctors to easily get the information into the Electronic Health Records without using a clunky interface - and while having a conversation about the patients health with the patient.

What we learned

The new interface is voice.

What's next for medivox

Developing the medical device that will build off of the app.

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