While discussing potential ideas, our team stumped upon the most recent news, which is medical related. COVID-19 had brought up many questions about medicine, so our team thought if there was a way we could help people through the medical field, and make it code related. Then, we came up with an idea of making a bot that could help people learn more about diseases, its symptoms, and ways to stop it, so they can stay up to date. We also wanted to make sure that we do not have to make people search a lot of places to find the information we need, so we got inspired in making a website where, you can find everything related to medicine. This was our inspiration. COVID-19 and the recent medical issues drove this project for us.

What it does

MediHarmony has a bot and a location finder. The bot (MediBot) is an interactive chatbot that lets the user discover information about common diseases and illnesses, and contact insurance providers. The location finder (MediFinder) requests the user to share their location, and then displays a map showing nearby hospitals.

How we built it

Our team decided that the best strategy to complete our project was to divide and conquer. We decided that two people(Thalen Abadia, and Arnav Pandey) work on the front end (the HTML and CSS) and the other two people (Karan Urs, and Aditya Tiwari), work on the back end (Python and Javascript). In this way, we finished our respective sides on the first day, and took a whole day to implement it. On the last day, we made finishing touches to it, and added more parts to our website to make it more interactive. This is the basics as to how we built our project.

Challenges we ran into

There was one huge challenge we ran onto on Saturday. After we finished making the website, and the the python virtual assistant bot and location finder, we had to implement them together. But, neither flask, nor brython worked. For a whole day, we researched as to what other alternatives we could use, and with the help of the mentors, and 11:45 pm on Saturday, we came up with the idea to convert our virtual assistant bot and location finder into Javascript, so we could implement it into HTML, without any problem. On Sunday, we all sat down together, and re-wrote the whole python code and converted it into Javascript. This took us a lot of time and was very challenging as nobody in our team new javascript, and had to learn on the go. We also were behind on time. But, with teamwork, and determination, we completed the project right on time. But, implementing the features was the biggest challenge, and we learned a lot of things.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We Accomplished a lot of things. First of all, we learned teamwork. Our team worked very well together. All of us helped each other, and make a very successful project that runs smoothly. The next thing we all accomplished was learning new coding languages. We learnt new types of languages, and refreshed our memories on the old ones. We were able to make a great website even though we were new to some of the languages and programs that we used. We also accomplished our project itself. We have started up a company that could potentially become famous and also impact the world in a good way and most importantly, help people all around the world. These are some of the things we accomplished.

What we learned

Many of us learned new topics in programming, like Flask, JS, etc. It was also a great refresher. Some of us forgot to write some languages, but this hackathon refreshed and jogged our memory. It was also a great way to learn web development, AI development, and many more languages. We learned how to make a chatting bot only out of JS, HTMl and also Python! How crazy is that? But most importantly, we learned teamwork, sportsmanship, and how to work with other people.

What's next for MediHarmony

Hopefully MediHarmony gets attention and people start using it for the benefit. What we are hoping is that this project can attract some attention, and inspire other developers to create projects that benefit the world, and especially benefit the health of others. All we want is to make sure that lives are helped, even possibly saved by our resources, MediFinder, and MediBot. Our project wasn't just meant for just the hackathon, we wanted to show others that you can actually contribute to the community and help fix, save, or benefit people's lives. We also hope to implement more codes and make the bot more interactive so that people can get more out of this website. We are also hoping to improve the website functionality and improve the location finder. We also hope to implement the python code and potentially make a new search engine solely based for medical questions and searches and implement that into our website so people can search about anything without needing to look around for a long time.

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