The idea was born during the HackBajio. We all know that health is the most important for us and going to any clinic can be very difficult because you've got to take many documents about your health status. So we decided to make an incredible system that lets you have all your health information right in the cloud.

How it works

Your first have to download our iOS/Android app and sign up by providing your basic info and some other medical info. We will save securely all your data. You can remember importan information about you like your blood type, remember your visits to the doctor, your medicaments and dosis, see your medical history and even localize a near clinic. Once you want to visit the doctor, you generate the code that is the universal ID so every doctor can learn about you and save time. On the web version you do the same. We also create a version for hospitals and clinics where they can add register new users and get data with user permissions.

Challenges I ran into

HackMTY 2015 MXHacks 2015

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Work team, easy organization, work under pressure

What I learned

Javascript, CSS, and iOS animations

What's next for MedicID

Launch apps on the App Store and Google Play for León Guanajuato

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