In USA, Health Care sector is a major target for public sector. Government has contributed many important data set as "Open data" available at It contains many diversified data sets containing different set of data. Getting valuable insights like Hospitals or medicare available, types of facilities provided there,average payment per services etc is difficult, so many people are not aware of the facilities available in healthcare across country or in their region.

When people are given with the information in more appropriate visualizations, more interactive way, more "Open" way, they become more powerful and confident in making decisions in their health area. They become more aware of facilities provided by government, so it increases public transparency and collaboration towards more open, connected and healthy society

How it works

Using many data-sets available at as "Open data" , the app tries to draw major insights in following areas

             - General Hospital Information including hospital types,number of hospitals across states or Cities
             - Detail Information about hospitals in particular area selected by user
             - Facilities available in your city at hospitals
             - Detailed information on outpatient services/procedures available across different region.
             - Inpatient prospective Payment system Information in Diagnosis Related drug Groups (DRG) like average payment per drug type in a city
Insightful visualizations, more user choice driven and interactive graphic demonstration inside the Splunk app dashboards. 

Install the app and upload sample data or get data from

Usage: After app installation and index created, navigate through different dashboards listed on navigation bar. Select state and city to visualize information in depth. There are 5 different dashboards in the app. - Hospital Info across USA -- provides visualization on Hospital data - Find Hospital Details -- provides hospital information in details(select field values from dopdown) - Facilities Available in the Hospital -- provides information on facilities in selected hospital - Outpatient facilities available in hospital -- provides information on outpatient procedures - IPPS summary -- provides payment information for particular diagnosis type available in different hospitals

Challenges I ran into

The problem with "Open Data" is not enough data in health sector, but there're abundance of data. Finding out the most challenging issue in this area and making a correlation among different data sets to create meaningful information set. Most of the time spent on deciding "What matters the most to people", and then checking if similar data-sets provided by federal health department.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Out of many areas of concern in health sector, I chose "Hospital and diagnosis measures" category to be the relevant aspect to people . With small amount of data in Splunk, with easy but powerful query language and visualization matrices , I'm able to present many important information in graph so that normal people can understand the data better and make better decisions.

What I learned

What's next for Medicare at a glance in USA

 Making better information retrieval,cleaning and presenting with advanced D3 libraries and also targeting next Big areas of problems and data sets at open data hub.  

App is available in splunkbase

App link :

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