Our inspiration stems from a story that took place during a massive ice storm a few years ago. People were stranded but managed to get help by connecting through facebook. They were able to stay at each other’s homes when others were on the road in the bitter cold. We wanted to build something that people could use to help find places they could go in natural disaster situations. We particularly wanted to target our product for individuals with disabilities and the elderly.

What it does:

There are two main features: “stay” and “save.” Stay provides connects people in need to homes they can stay in until it’s safe to return. Save acts as a means for people to help individuals with disabilities or the elderly in need. Often those groups get left behind because they require extra assistance and some cannot help themselves. This gives them a fighting chance by notifying the community that they need help. With natural disasters, police and authorized personal can't be everywhere at once. Our app, Mazevo, lets a user use multiple forms of communication from a button they may have on their watch or around their neck, to telling Alexa that they need help now. This app was created with elderly and disabled people in mind.

How we built it:

With hard work and a lot of coffee and tears.

Challenges we ran into:

o Finding a good way to get our application into web format. We worked through Wordpress to Wix to find something that would fit our needs. We decided on using Sketch to create a basis of what we wanted the app to look like before programming an Android app. o Programming the Alexa o Uploading the program file to the Arduino o The Arduino would not connect to the laptop

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

o Programming Alexa o Uploading the program to the Arduino o The design components and how much thought went into them. o Figuring out the features

What we learned:

o How to program Alexa o How to upload a program to the Arduino o How to use Adobe XD o How to code Arduino

What's next for Mazevo:

o Partnering with Apple, LifeAlert, or another company to make products that people can use Mazevo's capabilities with. o Creating the web application for Mazevo. o Finding an effective way to authorize the people who make an account.

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