We got inspired by a hackathon project that we found named: Protect-21. This project created an app that would remind the user to use their facemask before going out. We realized that many people are not aware how of properly dispose of their masks after use, so we decided to create a mobile App that would help users be more informed.


What it does

Our Mobile App displays information about how to properly dispose of/reuse facemask after use.

How we built it

We utilized React-Native.

Challenges we ran into

First time experience creating an app. First time using JavaScript. First time using React-Native

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Created a Homescreen that navigates between screens. Accessibility in IOS. Implemented GeoNavigation.

What we learned

We learn JavaScript and the basics of React-Native.

What's next for MasksDown

  1. Complete all screens
  2. Add images to the buttons in the home screen
  3. Integrate Alerts into our App so when the user reaches home an alerts pops out and reminds about disposing of their mask
  4. Provide reminders to the user to wash/ replace the filter for a reusable mask, based on the amount of time users are away from their favorite location (eg. home, work).


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