1. Inspiration: After many years in various literature classes, we realized that annotation can be a tedious process. In order to create a more collaborative environment in the classroom and make annotating more efficient, we decided to create this application.
  2. Target User: This application is targeted mainly toward high-school and college students, but can also be used by adults in the workforce when participating in team projects.
  3. Key Features: The login portal allows users to access group shared documents. When collaborating with others, video chats and chats, in which users can use drawing tools, highlighters, and other tools to annotate, are easily accessible.
  4. Biggest Achievements: Initially, our team knew nothing about Javascript, and very basic HTML and CSS. Using W3 Schools, new API, various friends as mentors, and lots of time, we created an application with auser login and registration that allows access to efficient and collaborative annotation for students in literature/writing.
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