The theme of Merimekko Designathon is AR/VR. We wanted to combine Marimekko patterns and show users real examples of products from real Marimekko buyers (fans).

What it does

In current version, it let's you to see the feed of photos related to patterns by other users, and users can scan the specific pattern or objects, and see more information or photos from other users.

How we built it

We started building project on 15.09.2017, and we used mentioned technologies to finalize working beta app. We finished development process on 17.09.2017 ~05:30 a.m. Then we tested our app inside real Marimekko products.

Challenges we ran into

Generally, being two people team, good time management, and it's our first team project. Scanning complex Marimekko objects (dresses, pillows, bed, etc.). Also, we didn't sleep.

For Katja Dianoff:

First time designing of Mobile App UI using official documentation of Google for Android. First time attending at hackathon.

For Natig Babayev:

First time using power of RxJava and Android in complex project. I had to spend more than 6 hours to read RxJava docs for Android, and fix the complex server requests in powerful way. At the end it worked.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With the version we build, 9 out of 10 scans of real objects (bags, beds, pillows, dresses) are successful which is great accomplishment for us. And we made full concept of app, and our concept is ready for daily usage. Moreover, with the version we built, we finished initial priority features of the app, which works in real life without any problem.

What we learned

For Katja Dianoff:

Making fast decission Designing for Android OS.

For Natig Babayev:

Power of RxJava and RxAndroid (will use it in more projects) Scanning objects using some AR SDKs and empowering them more.

What's next for Marimekko World - Special Network for Marimekko fans

Winning Designathon first. Then if there's any interest from Marimekko, we can develop app further. In general, we might realase some app using the concept we made.

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