We were inspired by the PubNub Marauder Maps challenge of using life location data to improve venue/guided tour experiences.

Our app tracks visitors with the app within the venue so help manage guided tours or improve security during school trips. The app also offers a 'treasure hunt' style list of things to find to help user engagement at the venue.

To develop this, we created a API using .net WCF that allowed us to store user details and locations and to also retreive this data back to the client, which was created as a Windows 10 universal app, with the addition of a web powered real-time map visualisation using Pubnub and Mapbox.

The main challenge we faced was having issues with setting up servers which delayed us which lead to a bit of stress getting the PubNub blocks working. Also, creating a map that updated user's locations in real time with flakey GPS at the CopperBox Arena was very challenging.

Despite our issues we were very excited to get the real time location working and seeing it in action.

If we were to take this further we would like to improve the tech by including IoT devices such as beacons.

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