Going to a large store it was difficult finding where certain products were, even with help from the employees, so why not help create an app that makes it easy to keep track of where things are.

How it works

Using user input on the setup end of the project, information about a location can be added in a rather straightforward way. You can add maps, draw locations onto the map, add a list of items that can be found in that location and tag the items with descriptive words. The locations that are connected to other maps in the Mapp system can then be added to travel groups. Stairs, Elevators, the entrances/exist of buildings are all examples of great times to use a travel group. From the front end you can then use travel groups to show the user where a certain part of the map may lead to.

For the user end its rather simple, search for what you want to find or click on a location on the map. If there is something there it'll give you information. If what you're searching for can be found on the map it'll light up where it can be found on the map. If you click on a location it'll give you a full list of items and tags that can be found in that location and if there are any connected locations. If you click on an item or tag from the list it'll give you all of the tags the item is tagged with or all the items with the tag you've clicked on. If you click on connected locations you can swap maps taking advantage of multi-map support.

Challenges I ran into

Adding GPS support revealed itself to be more complicated than it initially seemed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning SVG for the purposes of creating location drawing that is much more sophisticated than the original version that relied on Div's

What's next for Mapp

Add recursive searching support: Rather than be limited to search results that describe the current map get results from submaps, this will rely on safeties put in place by the next item on the list Adding location groups: In addition to travel groups add location groups, by allowing you to tag locations as part of a whole it is possible to avoid embarassing mistakes with recursive search, particularly in the event of three locations being interconnected/ having a ring of locations Adding large pathfinding : based on a combination of the above two features be able to search for a specific item, if you can't find it in the current map light up the location(s) that will take the fewest map swaps to get to the item

Changes for Maps as Art

Added GPS support to the setup page and on the user end. Rewrote database code in Clusterpoint

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