We love books and we love to travel.

What it does

Shows you places from books you read, proposes cheap flights.

How we built it

We used:

  • NamedEntityRecognizer for extracting places and characters from books
  • Clustering for selecting relevant locations
  • falcon for building REST API
  • firebase as database
  • kiwi API for flights
  • ReactJS on the front, Python on the back
  • GoogleMaps Places API for finding places from book in real world
  • GoogleMaps Geocoding API
  • Scalingo infrastructure

    Challenges we ran into

  • extracting named entities in satisfactory time

  • selecting relevant places

  • using Google Maps API for the first time (on FE)

  • using external APIs and combine data from them

  • UX guy learnt basics of React

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • extracted places from book
  • improved knowledge of NLP
  • managed to implement risky idea

What we learned

  • work under pressure of time
  • we polished our programming skills
  • design thinking
  • new APIs

What's next for BookTourist

  • better algorithms
  • faster extraction of locations
  • local database of books
  • pipeline for processing new books
  • access to database of payed books
  • push notifications when book read by user is available in system
  • show fragments of book
  • user interactions
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