Hi guys,

My name is Jessica Hernandez and ever since I was little I've always had a passion for turtles. With my experience in web design and development I have always wanted to create something that will help out the sea turtles I care about. I recently came up with an idea to create a simple HTML5 canvas game where the player has to swipe trash away to help protect the turtle on the screen. Unfortunately, the concept behind this game, is that you can never win the game. One person alone cannot make a complete difference to save all the sea turtles from trash and pollution in the seas. Therefore, the message of this game is to make players aware the dangers that sea turtles are facing and help them realize that if they put in their effort in trash pollution reduction and spread the message as well, then this bring us one step closer to helping sea turtle stay healthy in the oceans. There's too much trash polluting our waters and it's hard to keep up. It seems as trash pollution is increasing, as I portrayed in the game, and therefore everyone helps make a difference.

I'm a frequent visitor of the Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, FL since I enjoy giving the sea turtle patients a visit. I donate to the Sea Turtle Conservancy Organization yearly through my FL license plate tag donation and through all my smile.amazon.com purchases. I can't always be active in picking up trash or informing others due to my busy school schedules, but I felt that by making this game it can be shared with others and help spread the word in protecting these amazing animals!

Although I would like to improve this game in the future to a more stable platform, with responsiveness for mobile, I feel like this MangoHacks hackathon gave me the opportunity to learning something new with HTML Canvas while at the same time allowing me to create something to promote the conservancy of the sea turtles that need us to be considerate about the environment and globe we share with them. [X)o

Are you ready to take the pledge on promoting sea turtle conservancy and being a part of the Sea Turtle Rescue Squad and Protect What You Love?!

I hope you enjoy my game hack and I'm open to any feedback on improving this game for future versions.

Thank you for your sincere time!

Best regards,

Jessica H.

GitHub Repo: https://github.com/JesHerArt/mangohacks17

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