Our Story

What inspired us

Individuals can use their immense amounts of local knowledge to digitally map our world. As public information through Open Street Map, this geographic data can be used to aid in the development of communities. In Botswana, to help eradicate Malaria through the use of Indoor Residual Spraying, 90% of homes in an area must be treated. Local maps can help to keep track of this kind of data.

Our Target Users

Peace Corps serves in 65 counties over the world and affects millions of individuals on a daily basis, and harnessing this geographical information can aid in having an even more widespread, far-reaching effect.

Our Features

Our application show real-time updates of mapping done by Peace Corps volunteers. We were able to extract Peace Corps specific data from Open Street Map to see how much of a contribution we made. Using that data, we constructed a leaderboard of the top ten mappers. Thus, this application encourages more users to map via Open Street Map.

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