In the modern world, customers face a big problem of heavy traffic sometimes when in the store. This can negatively effect their experience even though all representatives are occupied with other customers. We want to use technology to help every customer so wait time is reduced.

What it does

It answers any questions that a customer might have while in a store such as plans, devices, or promotions. It can be told verbally or shown with a visual. AR will also help customers to seek what they're interested in without any wasted time or confusion.

How we built it

We made voice applications that take in user input to retrieve the correct and accurate information.

Challenges we ran into

Making several different technologies to work seamlessly together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to implement real-world solutions in a business/retail setting.

What we learned

We learned about about different Unity, mobile technology, VR/AR, web development, and voice technology.

What's next for Magenta

To develop our AR technology more to help users navigate.

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