Elevator pitch

How’s performing Hajj rituals with steady leads?!


Two Years ago I heard a story about Hajj Abdulghafour from Pakistan. He’s been dreaming to complete the fifth pillar of Islam for more than 25 years and been saving ever since. Abdulghafour has been a prideful janitor all his life, never asked anybody for money. After all these years and efforts, Abdulghafour is finally in Makkah for Hajj with his campaign. Who he got drifted away from due to the mega crowds of pilgrims. Hearing him talk about his experience with extreme frustration emotions hurt me so deep. Two years ago I thought that I couldn’t help Abdulghafour, but today I want to help all Abdulghafours. I want to be a part of serving the guests of Allah.

What it does

Our Application gives the campaign organizer (Who’s responsible about 25~30 pilgrims) (There is more than one organizer in each campaign) the right data and tools to lead through the Hajj rituals. 1- Using Ar Guide crowds by creating paths for each group of pilgrims to track their organizer with, when they move from one place to another and these paths will be appearing for each group until their specific-time in the schedule ends. And each group will have their own path. We built this using ( pusher APIs, Augmented reality Core location) For illustrating the idea we designed this video [https://youtu.be/ub9qw2sehNo] 2- Monitor crowd characteristics, using image analysis to identify faces and transportations which will be used by security and organizers. By face recognition, a- Monitors can tell which organizer having group of pilgrims belongs to which campaign. b- They can detect the violators off of their scheduled timings avoid causing overcrowding. c- For security, they detect the irregular pilgrims.- For illustrating the idea we designed these videos [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATI2o4idTLI] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcnZ3dZp4nk]

3- Monitoring crowd statics by IoT to ensure all pilgrims who enter the bus will leave. We built this using (Automated counter, Arduino) 4- Jamarat checker Pilgrims use the camera to ensure which stone is right to use in jamarat bridge We built this using (IoT, Arduino) For illustrating the idea We designed this video For illustrating the idea we designed this video [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiUlVG8S3nQ]

Challenges we ran into

We are facing two main challenges, the first one is the provision of the tools that we need to create our services and product in this tight timeline. Our other challenge is to initiate a connection between APIs and the project as a whole. In other words is to make our applications talk and coordinate with each other to have the system integrated and functioning as one unit.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Participated in breaking a Guinness World Record.
  • We solved the problem of maintaining pilgrims during Hajj season using many tools.
  • We were able to edit and finalize videos in a short amount of time.
  • Dealt with the issue of picking the right dimensions for the Augmented Reality portion.
  • We were able to 3D print our design.
  • Overall, our project was able to accommodate AR, AI, IOT within one system that works across multiple platforms.

All of our tools will be controlled using Artificial intelligence.

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