The main theme of the 'Loopz' filter is music. Listening to the music is a way to pause the world and play the mind. A moment of estrangement from reality.

For the design and realization of all visual elements, the main inspiration comes from the mood that Vaporwave transmits and from the visual effects of neon. For the production of sounds and music, I drew inspiration from one artist in particular: FKJ. (a big thank you to Pasquale Convertito, who helped me in the production of the music present in the project.)

After drawing all the elements in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and having prepared all the sounds separately, I imported everything into Spark AR Studio, assembling everything using the Patch Editor.

The main challenge was precisely this: being able to program a loop station in Spark using only the Patch Editor.

I am very happy and enthusiastic about the final result, and above all about the whole filter experience. I learned to appreciate music for what it is.

In anticipation of a future update of the filter, I would like to implement a series of sound kits, which can be chosen using the native UI.

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