Loop was inspired by the bustling college population that exists in the Boston area. As Boston University students, we frequently engage with students at other universities such as Northeastern University and MIT. Clubs at Boston University will also collaborate with parallel organizations at other universities to bring together new students and shared resources. These events add incredible value to student life across all universities, and we wanted to give all students access to these experiences.

What it does

Loop connects student body populations across unique college campuses. Students can easily keep track of events happening around their own campus while simultaneously learning about events happening on other college campuses. Loop provides all the necessary information for students to get involved. On top of that, loop encourages students to spread the word about events with their friends through built-in functions in the app.

How we built it

Loop was created in Figma with the use of the Iconify plugin (Material Design icons) and Unsplash stock photos.

Challenges we ran into

It was difficult to visualize how an expansive network of hundreds of universities should be organized. However, by pondering how we ourselves would like to go about seeking events at other universities, we were able to create a user journey diagram. From there, it was about building the app frame by frame in a way that was congruent with our design goals. Beyond the name and color, it was a challenge defining who we are and yet very rewarding to illustrate what makes us different from today's social applications. Additionally, Figma's web server was down for 15 minutes and gave us a quick scare!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We wanted to offer students an enjoyable and fluid experience when seeking to connect with other college students. In order to ensure students can easily find events that would maximize their use of the app, we spent time focusing on meticulous details. These efforts resulted in the features such as the “Map” page that allows students to explore events based on region and university. We’re very proud of the details designed into loop that give students a wide range of tools to effectively join events from participating schools.

What we learned

We learned about utilizing components and how to fully implement niche collaboration features on Figma. Figma offers powerful tools for designers to utilize, especially when collaborating with other designers. Through this project, we were able to fully make use of features that ultimately helped bring our vision to life. From narrowing down a focus to pitching names and color schemes, we learned a lot about the design that brought us together.

What's next for loop

As students, we would greatly benefit from the features of the app, and we’re excited for loop to be actualized. The next steps for loop would be to research the viability of connecting organizations across colleges and connecting with their student leaders. We would love to be able to completely flush out the flexibility of the prototype by creating interactive screens and options across the design.

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