As musicians, we felt that often when performing alone, we were limited by the expressiveness and desired being able to play over loops. However, loop pedals cost above of $80, so we wanted to make something accessible, with technology everyone had. By building an iPhone app and connecting it to an Arduino pedal, we could greatly reduce the cost, and still make a great performing experience for artist and audience alike.

What it does

Players can set up a metronome naturally by tapping 4 beats at once. The iPhone calculates the metronome beat for you. Next, the looper can record your tracks and then play them out when you want to.

How we built it

We used iOS Swift and AVFoundation for the iOS app. We used Arduino for the hardware pedal.

Challenges we ran into

We were new to Swift so getting the app developed was challenging. We also struggled with Bluetooth connection.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app front-end, and just making our first app (in this time-frame). It was a great encouragement to our team.

What we learned

iOS development, Swift, learning how to incorporate everyone's contributions together in a complex project.

What's next for Loop Pedal

Multitrack looping, successful bluetooth connection, metronome that beats for you.

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