Update as of April 26th: We opened our platform for the first test users and the first 300 masks were donated and are being distributed by RemedyMatch.io. Join our team at https://remedymatch.io/offene-positionen and contribute your skills!

Check out our MVP at https://remedymatch.io/app

Username hackathon@remedymatch.io

Password: VA4USyaM


The COVID-19 pandemic is causing dramatic shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE). There is a lack of urgently needed items, such as masks, gloves, medical wear and disinfectants.

Yet, these or similar items are idly lying around in company warehouses and cellars. Many people and companies have these much-needed goods at home from before the outbreak of COVID-19. These may include respirators such as FFP3 masks used by hobby craftsmen, or sterile supplies once purchased for nursing purposes. These goods and resources have to be collected and transported regionally or nationally according to demand in order to supply to particularly affected facilities.

Production facilities (e.g. laboratories) that manufacture disinfectants, companies that convert their production or people that sew masks - they all have not yet built a supply and demand overview and chain for these products - so they are in need of a logistics platform.


RemedyMatch.io aims to bring together inventory and demand for medical protective and emergency relief items quickly and easily, thereby helping to bridge supply bottlenecks during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Donations can be made by individuals or by companies of all sizes and across all industries - after registering, they can enter the amount of PPE they can donate directly into the platform.

Users (hospitals, physicians, nursing services, other institutions) can use RemedyMatch.io to get an up-to-date overview of available PPE within a very short time and contact the user(s) who can provide resources to bridge the supply bottlenecks of these articles.

Protective items which are not suitable or needed for medical use can be distributed to particularly vulnerable institutions/groups of people (pharmacists, petrol stations, bank employees, food supply, schools etc.) to ensure their protection. Donated items must be marked if they are sterile and in their original packaging to be suitable for medical use.

Availability can be limited geographically via RemedyMatch.io or via geomatching to ensure the rapid supply of urgently needed medical protection items.

RemedyMatch.io also offers the possibility of integrating logistics partners and requesting offers for transport support. For this purpose, logistics partners (e.g. trustworthy/verified private persons/entrepreneurs or the military) can register to offer non-profit support services. Geomatching is used to link demand carriers, demand providers and logistics partners with each other and can communicate via an integrated chat function.

Organizational requirements for successful implementation with RemedyMatch.io: Establishment of collection points for donations from private persons/companies Collection of donations and transport to three central warehouses (north/centre/south). Surplus medical supplies can also be stored in the central warehouses to ensure 24x7 availability.

Results from #EUvsVirus

  • We onboarded new team members
  • We translated our website to 15 European languages! We are ready for an european wide role out!
  • We refined our platform
  • The first 300 masks were donated and are being distributed by RemedyMatch.io

Archieved milestones

  • RemedyMatch.io initiated several partnerships (for example papiermaske.de for donations, Camunda for technology support or FlowSquad for labor and more).
  • RemedyMatch.io has set up a research collaboration with the University of applied science Augsburg
  • RemedyMatch.io has reached 150 pre-registrations

Impact to the crisis

We offer an open source solution, to enable anyone to set up a material donation and logistics platform, ready to be implemented all over Europe. Our platform enables all producers & makers to easily get their donations to where they are needed. Thus, we are the perfect link for extending the reach of other initiatives.

Value after the crisis

The system can be used for any other crisis, which requires quick material donations accessibility and logistics management.

Necessities to continue the project

Funding for the core team, to keep them on the long run, including Software licences, Marketing budget, further Legal & Tax Advice

Join in

Become part of the RemedyMatch.io community and support our healthcare workers and crisis heroes who are there for us in these difficult times. We continue to look for support for our social startup. Our team has grown to over 60 people and is expanding every day!

You have FFP3 masks at home and don't use them? Donate them, so they can be used in where they are needed! You are a doctor and have no more disinfectant in your practice? Register, so we can get some to you!

We help coordinate - together we are stronger!

Social Media

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RMatch2020/
Twitter https://twitter.com/RMatch2020
Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/RemedyMatch/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/RemedyMatch/

Get involved!

Are you a developer or process expert in the healthcare / logistics sector? We need you to further develop our platform based on state-of-the-art development methods, frameworks and technologies. For more information visit: https://github.com/remedyMatch

Contact: info@remedymatch.io

Join RemedyMatch.io! Volunteer your skills, spread the word and donate supplies, if you can!

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posted an update

Post vom 05.04.2020

Die #development Unit ist seit Start des Projekts alles andere als untätig - es ist beeindruckend, mit was für einer Geschwindigkeit an der App in den Teams #development-backend und #development-frontend gearbeitet wird! Innerhalb von wenigen Tagen stand ein erster Prototyp, nach nun 14 Tagen sind wir auf der Zielgeraden, um die v1 der RemedyMatch Web-App an den Start zu bringen. #development-Devops kümmert sich um die Einrichtung der Server und das automatisierte Ausrollen der Webseite und der Web-App.#development-website kümmert sich um die Webseite. In dieser Woche haben wir die schnelle Lösung vom letzten Wochenende durch eine nachhaltige Lösung auf Basis von PHP und Symfony 4 umgebaut. Dadurch ist es um einiges einfacher die Website fortlaufend zu erweitern.

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posted an update

Post vom 05.04.2020

Die #partner-sponsor Unit hat seit der letzten Woche Gespräche mit anderen Teams geführt, Plattformen und Lösungen verglichen. Dadurch konnten wir viele neue Team-Mitglieder gewinnen! Danke! Außerdem kümmert sich das Team und die Teilnahme am #solution-enabler Programm.

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posted an update

Post vom 03.04.2020

Wir haben seit einigen Tagen ein eigenes Branding, welches weiter verfeinert wird. Es entstehen gerade Logo, Videos und Animationen. Es gibt sogar die Idee zu TV-Spots. Think big!

Vielen Dank an unser #ux-ui Team, dass sich in den letzten Tagen und auch weiterhin um das Branding kümmert!

Im #marketing sind unsere Rockstars zu Hause. ;-) Danke, dass ihr die #social-media Kanäle Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc bespielt und dort für ein stetiges Grundrauschen sorgt! Gemeinsam mit unserer #pr Unit wurden schon einige Presse-Artikel und Erwähnungen erzielt. In den nächsten Tagen folgt ein Video-Interview zu RemedyMatch bei StartupTV.

Seid gespannt! Außerdem wird gerade an einem Kommunikations-Konzept gearbeitet, so dass wir in Zukunft professioneller aufzutreten.

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posted an update

Post vom 02.04.2020

Unsere #hr Unit nimmt Fahrt auf und hat diese Woche dafür gesorgt, dass wir einige Neuzugänge begrüßen dürfen. Ab sofort kümmert sich unsere digitale Assistentin Sina darum, die neuen Kollegen schnell und freundlich „On Board“ zu bekommen.

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posted an update

Post vom 02.04.2020

Wir haben seit dieser eine #legal Unit, die sich um rechtliche Belange kümmert. Hierfür haben wir mehrere Anwälte gewinnen können, die sich für uns engagieren. Aktuell werden AGB, Datenschutz und der Spendenvertrag, der beim Spenden automatisch entsteht, durchleuchtet.

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