Erwin De Torres posted an update

Currently we are now starting to integrate the gameplay, additional camera function.


Level Design polishing.
Additional Bluetooth Control for Camera resetting
Bluetooth Controller calibration
Menu Design for Play, Settings and Quit


It is the very first time we are fully diving into unity. Although we are in the IT industry developing web and mobile apps, the team is very proud and happy for what we currently have as all of us in the team are noobs using Unity 3D. Developing a game is different from developing web and mobile softwares.

I myself only had a crash course using Unity with the help of courses and also the Survival Shooting Game from Unity just the previous month.


MARK I. PROTOTYPE -Trial for the controller, pickup and drop, vr rendering, FPS monitoring

MARK I. TEXTURED -Level design are now textured and are now in place

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