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A herding mini game inspired by the classic Playstation game Rugrats. Bringing back the classic on a VR twist.

What it does

Herding game where you need to pick up the sheep and put them back in their cage.


Time. We have been balancing our time for the development on both our work and this hobby. All in all, we are satisfied to what we have accomplished.

Newbie. We are all newbie in the Unity so it was exciting what we can come up in just two weeks.


We are really glad we had the opportunity to join this hackathon in a whim. We've learned so much about how to use unity for us to develop VR applications that we have in mind. It will be very exciting for us to develop again as now, we are comfortable on using the game engine.

What's next for Little Herder VR

Eventually will be continued to be a 3D Platformer game for Virtual Reality content

Development Rig

  • Mobile: Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML, 4GB Variant, PowerVR G6430, Android. 5.0
  • VR Kit: Google Cardboard by iamcardboard
  • Bluetooth Controller: 8Bitdo NES30 PRO, CDR King wired controller

Built With

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posted an update

After some long nights, we have now finished the mini game.


The game can now be fully be played. Within 3 minutes, you need to gather the sheeps back to their cage. The pick and drop function is now fully working, scores and countdown timer.


Some cosmetics change on the character. Embosed a little his diaper, added a cowboy hat.

Bluetooth Controller

Simplified. Just the B (Joystick button 1) button for pick and drop, for confirm. Analog stick for movement.

Main Menu

We've chosen to use a roam style selection of menu instead of the tradiation on-front UI buttons/text.

Try it out on the link provided above and let us know what you think for us to improve the game.

Cheers and Thank you! Enjoy!

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posted an update

Currently we are now starting to integrate the gameplay, additional camera function.


Level Design polishing.
Additional Bluetooth Control for Camera resetting
Bluetooth Controller calibration
Menu Design for Play, Settings and Quit


It is the very first time we are fully diving into unity. Although we are in the IT industry developing web and mobile apps, the team is very proud and happy for what we currently have as all of us in the team are noobs using Unity 3D. Developing a game is different from developing web and mobile softwares.

I myself only had a crash course using Unity with the help of courses and also the Survival Shooting Game from Unity just the previous month.


MARK I. PROTOTYPE -Trial for the controller, pickup and drop, vr rendering, FPS monitoring

MARK I. TEXTURED -Level design are now textured and are now in place

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