Initially the idea came from nano and neo pets. Our company mascot is a fish, so we wanted to create a unique holiday experience online with an underwater theme.

What it does

Visitors to our site follow a questionnaire that ask them preferences around their idea of the holiday. Each question populates elements that build a unique image for their own personal holiday card from liquidfish.

How we built it

We create elements that were associated with each answer to each questions. We made sure the elements went together in a cohesive way. When a customer fills out the form, each answer triggers an animation that shows the associated element in the end "canvas" or div.

Challenges we ran into

The elements that had absolute positioning wouldn't show with our interactions set. So we had to make sure we showed their positioning in another way. We'd also like to be able to download the final image, but we will need custom coding for this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud we were able to get this working prototype finished in such a short time! It took a lot of prep talks to figure out how to structure and execute the image and the questions.

What we learned

We learned how to use animations/interactions in a new way and the limitations of them as well.

What's next for Liquidfish Custom Build Holiday Card Site

Replacing wireframe placers with refined images and adding a download button feature on the final image page.

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