We sought to create a facial recognition game that can both interpret your emotions and expressions and alter game mechanics in a Wild-West themed environment. The main character is an old-man, but who can change ages, sizes, and abilities. He can only stay young for a little while or he dies. The user must act strategically to complete the mission.

What it does

This game uses a computer's webcam to captured video of the user's face. Using the SDK from Affectiva, the game can interpret what the user is expressing on their face. Then, interpreting the commands the user gives the game through their face and hand motion (using Leapmotion), the program will enable certain game mechanics for the player can walk, shoot a gun, change sizes and

How I built it

Affectiva and Unity were implemented to create a 2D smart, Wild-west themed game.

Challenges I ran into

*Adding Leap and Affectiva to Unity

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing all available libraries (Affectiva and Leap) into this Unity game

What I learned

*Learning Unity in a day is quite difficult *The Affectiva SDK has problems being implemented in Unity, but once working, provides a useful input of info for editing game mechanics

What's next for Me, Myself and Cowboy Irving

Further implementations are going to be made that will turn this into a learning game for people with reduced ability to understand the concepts and times emotions should be used. Implemented in early childhood education, with the addition of more levels and emotions/expressions, this game could be a useful tool to teach emotions to young kids in schools, camps and at home.

Built With

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