Our inspiration was derived from the main categories/challenges that was presented to us from the start of the hackathon. We had ideas which were for helping women at first, and it was a little hard to decide, but we went with helping our urban community as a whole.

What it does

Our web app locates the closest garbage/recycling receptacles to demonstrate the close proximity of areas where we can dispose of our garbage and/or recyclables. Users can use the web app to find the closest receptacle near them. So many people just throw out their plastics and papers on the floor rather than in a trash can, so hopefully this app will encourage people to help dispose responsibly.

How we built it

Our skill collectively leaned towards web development, so we started with HTML. We knew that to make the map work, we needed JavaScript, so we used that, alongside with CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Overall, implementing a working map with pointers was challenging, but we had three main challenges. Getting the map with the right start position and zoom in there, implementing map pointers, and having them portray the NYC open database.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're all proud of overcoming the obstacles that we deemed impossible to solve for many hours. The challenges we ran into strengthened our knowledge and persistence to solve problems.

What we learned

We learned a lot. Really, a lot. We shared our knowledge and tried things we've never been taught before. We became git gurus and worked with tricky JavaScript, and learned how to read json and implement databases with our JS.

What's next for linkMappa

Well if it gets some attention or if people see potential in it, we may continue to work on it, to be a much more whole software, a much more completed build. Also, one of our team members wanted to fork it and create a new project from it with a slightly different but substantial subject. All in all, we became great friends and we admire each other's hard work. The project, linkMappa, will either become vastly greater, or the bonds and skills between its computational craftsmen will be.

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