I wanted to make the countdown more important to the platformer than just a time limit. Because the light you emit becomes smaller over time, it also becomes harder to find the correct path through the level.

What it does

Move with arrows and steal souls with z. Make it to the end without your light fading to 0.

How I built it

Built with C++ and SDL. SDL was used for the application layer and texture rendering. Note that I'm using a prebuilt math library by Sanjay Madhav. Art made in photoshop, music made in Musescore.

Challenges I ran into

Turning my original idea into something challenging enough to be called a game. Level building was tedious. Asset creation was tedious. Ran out of time to make my particle emitter.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The animation system is quite comprehensive. Light theft mechanic is pretty unusual. Did some cool post-processing to get the fading light effect. I drew every single freaking sprite with a trackpad (there are idle animations too!). Made everything but the application layer, the math library, and the texture renderer.

What I learned

Games that rely on prebuilt levels are not great for game jams. Takes too long.

What's next for Light Thief

Scrapping it because the code got so hack it pains me to look at it.

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