Ten years ago, my grandfather had a severe stroke. Half his body went paralyzed and he had to be taken care of at home. Since he could not properly communicate, asking for assistance would take him a lot of effort, especially when no one was around. Poor means of communication, made the past ten years frustrating for both him and the rest of the people in the household. This inspired a design that aimed to simplify use of communication in times of emergency.

What it does

Lifeline is an Android app that allows people with wearables to contact a guardian in a time of emergency by simply clicking on the buttons of their wearable. With an urgency indicator and custom preset messages it enables an instant 911 feature-like function.

How we built it

• Android Studio • Java • Adobe Illustrator

Challenges we ran into

• Nod Ring had many glitches with Android Studio integration • Pebble Watch for some reason was not setting up • UI elements wasn't sizing properly one the phone due to a special bug

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Stunning Design

What we learned

• Nod Ring can be used in Android devices by exporting it as a Unity Application

What's next for LifeLine

• Support for more wearable technology

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