We realized that personal growth and continuous self-improvement not only helps one progress in life, but can also be very fulfilling, healthy and sustainable. It is even easier when you find yourself in a community of like-minded people and encourage each other for example with friendly challenges and virtual achievements.

What it does

Level Up! allows you to track your acitivites, your diet, your sustainability efforts and your health. You can join custom groups in the community created by users and challenge each other in friendly competitions. It also provides articles which help you improve yourself in the areas you are most interest in such as how to follow a healthy diet or on how to help the environment.

How we built it

We used Ionic Angular, defined different pages and distributed them among the team members to implement them. We also used Trello to further coordinate arising tasks and challenges.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge of course was the short amount of time in combination with the lack of sleep. However, we isolated the most important features and managed to showcase them in our first prototype.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Some of us came into contact with Ionic for the first time during this challenge and could learn a lot of new things. We have also successfully integrated various APIs into our app.

What we learned

Building a app with Ionic is very time efficient and it was definitely the right decision in our framework evaluation process. While researching the contents of our info articles on health topics we also noticed that the Hackathon lifestyle should only be lived to a limited extent ;)

What's next for Level Up!

There is a lot to do for Level Up! Here is a short summary:

  • More friendly challenges with a trophy system you can show off to your friends
  • Fitbit & Google Health integration
  • Adding more articles in the Tips section that contribute to personal growth in the categories health, sustainability and savings awareness.
  • Adding a new tab which showcases current trending tweets regarding different relevant topics we already mentioned.
  • Improving the gamification feature consisting of the personal avatar Beary with additional animations depending on how your are progressing on your personal journey to a better self.
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