What is "Lets Meet" App ?

A Sales/Marketing guy meets many leads/accounts at various cities/places.

To decide meeting place "ON MOBILE" , it requires switching between 2-3 apps, for ex.

  1. Open S1 to find event and contact's location.

  2. Open app like Yelp or Zomato to find nearby restaurants/bars/etc

  3. Update all event attendees with venue details via manual email or event update in Salesforce.

"Lets meet" app will make it all happen in lesser taps and in one app i.e. Salesforce 1 only

How it started ?

1. Sketching and brainstorming use cases.


2. Finalising Technical stack.

We are very clear with our design goals, i.e.

1) No "UX shock" for customers i.e. feel like using a different app within S1. So, we opted for something which gives close to "Salesforce 1" look/feel and flow.

2) UI should be fluid and scale well on bigger mobile displays i.e. phablets and tablets.

To achieve above 2 goals we decided to go for SF-1 Bootstrap, its a Twitter Bootstrap framework skin having Salesforce 1 look feel. So we got both fluid layouts + same UX as S1.

3) No messy javascript code, which is tough to maintain, and should allow a single page app, for avoid full page refreshes and performance reasons.

Angular JS is our first choice without doubt, and it really served well

3. Coding lots of coding

Time flied since Friday 18 July, till the deadline of 20th July. It was amazing experience and energies at Bangalore, working day/night to craft this app before deadline :)

UX on Mobile and Tablets

On iPhone

iphone collage

On Nexus 7

nexus7 collage

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