Most households now recognize the importance of saving energy and using more energy efficient appliances. However, buying new appliances can be expensive and may turn out to not be suitable for the household. The worst thing is to buy something like a new lighting system or thermostat to help the environment, and then you find out it’s not what you’re hoping for.

Introducing MOBI! Mobi is a smart energy efficiency subscription with flexible options. Use Mobi to rent energy efficient appliances, lighting and monitoring technology to figure out what works best for you and save energy at the same time!

You can rent the appliances for as low as $10/month. If you like the appliances you can decide to buy them — each monthly payment for the appliances goes towards owning. If you don’t like the appliances you can swap it out with other appliances and try out new ones that might work better for you.

So how it works is:

Browse Our Marketplace

Look through the various energy efficient devices we have and see what are their features and benefits

Choose appliances

Choose the appliances that you like and create the perfect subscription package for you


We’ll come to your house and install the appliances for you and teach you how to use them

MOBI will have a whole range of energy efficient appliances on our platform. We will have smart thermostats, home energy monitors, energy efficient light bulbs, refrigerators and more!

So what are the key benefits of MOBI?

  1. Make it affordable and accessible for households to try energy efficient appliances
  2. Increase awareness and higher adoption of energy efficient appliances among households
  3. If people decide they don’t like the appliances, it can go towards someone else for them to try it out, allowing for a circular economy where multiple people get to use the appliances

We hope that through MOBI, we can accelerate the adoption of energy efficient appliances and help to save money and save the environment!

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