Le Bon Bon

Roll big delicious donuts for your precious dying mouse grandmother.


You are Pierre the mouse and you love your grandmother so much. As her last wish she has asked you to bring her her favorite sweets from the most popular bakery in Paris, "Le Bon Bon".

Unfortunately Edgar, the head chef is not so fond of furry creatures in his kitchen and will attempt to smash and scare you away if he sees you.

The Game

Start with a small ball of dough and roll it to collect ingredients and make all of your sweet grandmother's desserts.


Roll your ball by swiping the touch pad. Experience nice, natural accelerations as you roll your ball in any direction. Give a brief tap to tip toe forward.


Roll donuts with Pierre's friends. This game is always multiplayer when an internet connection is available. You will see other mice scurrying about.

Other mechanics

Use mouse traps to project Pierre high into the air. Repeated swiping will build up your acceleration to really get going around the kitchen. Watch out for Edgar the chef, he will smash the ground and knock you off balance.

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