Lazy Help is solving several problems at once. First is the basic problem of every civilization. Which is not equal distribution of the resources. The second is that we all are empathetic beings which means that we all want to help each other. But at the same time, we do not like to cut from our own resources and we are lazy to do so.

What it does

Our App is mining the cryptocurrency. But not for ourselves, but for people in need and other good causes. The thing is that ordinary user using proximately 5% of their CPU power. Mostly for writing documents, reading e-mails or browsing the web. This is our place of abundance from which we are creating a free value.

How we built it

We are doing it by the book.

FIRST, we focused on Branding (both, Brand Build & Brand Creative) and Marketing Strategy. We are targeting young people with a cool way of help. We do have a website and we communicate on social media (Facebook & Instagram).

SECOND is the App which we developed on HackPrague 2018. It's built in ELECTRON. We started with Information Architecture. From the functionality + information list and the Mood board, we created an overall concept and Wireframes. After that, we did all the designs (Menu, Registration, Pop-ups, what happens when etc.). Even for further versions. The last part was to code the working Alpha version. Already with Just mine OR Login/Register functionality.

Challenges we ran into

  • One challenge was the limited time. We were building the product and at the same time, we had to decide, what to implement to make a valid working Alpha, and what to leave for the next version.
  • It was also the first time we worked with Electron.
  • The main feature and challenge were to make the App control its own performance, based on the CPU usage.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Where Lazy Help App exceed is:

  • We didn’t focus only on the project. We created Brand and we have the Marketing strategy.
  • Our App is created in Electron. That means that it immediately works in all operating systems.
  • Thanks to Electron, we can connect the App to the CPU usage. Which is very important. It means, that the user won’t even notice the app running. It also means that the app will use only the level of performance which will keep the temperature of the processor low. Which won’t increase the electricity bill. This way we are really creating value from not used computers performance.

What we learned

  • That to choose the capable college is a key
  • That shower is one of the greatest inventions

What's next for Lazy Help

In the future we will:

  • Continue to optimize our app
  • We want to build our own mining script. Because right now, we are the script from the 3rd party.
  • Carry our the marketing strategy

Links on app are bellow

  • First is on our website
  • Seconde on mac version
  • Third on windows version
  • Four on linux version
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