As per the reports in 2018 ,it was recorded that 636 of 1,592 people are dead due to delay of information about that accident that did not reach the rescue squad and hospitals on time.

What it does

The main aim of this mobile application and the device is to avoid the huge havoc caused by delayed rescue of the victims.The LastLine mobile application will ensure to alert the closest first responders within GPS proximity around the location about the accident by Sharing Location, situation of the incident spot, broadcasting images, streaming videos,impact in the vehicle immediately after the accident by automatically calling/sending messages to personal contacts and first responders(Hospitals,Police,Firebrigade). The system also records images, audio and video as further assistance and justification

How we built it

Java , Android Studio , Firebase , Gyro sensors, GPS

Challenges we ran into

1.Malfunctioning of Accelerometer 2.No network in the accident prone area 3.Phone without recharge 4.Phone with low battery 5.Once the person is met with accident,when call is gone to police station and if no one speak,it may be considered as a wrong call or prank call. 6.Breakage of phones screen

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.Capturing photos 2.Video Streaming 3.Location sharing 4.Calling and messaging to 3 personal contacts of victim and calling first responders(police,firerigade,hospital) immediately.

What we learned

1.Foreground services 2.Embedding camera and map features 3.Calling contacts and emergency sos 4.Sensor Services

What's next for LastLine

1.Accuracy Information 2.Geo Tagged Videos

  1. Iot Enabled Devices fitted to vehicles 4.Predictive Analysis 5.People To Police Communication 6.Accidental Area Alert
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