Thailand is one of the land in South East Asia that full of amazing things from Grand palace, floating market, Lady boys cabaret show, and also variety weird shapes, taste of fruit such as...
- Durien (it full of sharp thorns)
- Rambutant (it full of hair)
- Jack fruit (a fat guy with small thorns)
- Custard apple (A bubble gum buddy)

Typically, most of kids not really like to eat fruits or vegetables especially the one that has a shape likes monster and unpredictable taste. So we need to find a brand new ways to educate basic information about those fruits and convince them to try it out. Because “Eat fruits every day, pray the sickness away!”


We build a VR interactive game called Larto Explores Amazing Fruits! which help kids to learn more about the shape and nutrient of each Thai monster fruits and finally they will exciting and willing to try it out with help of parent who guide them aside.P.S. Larto is a cartoon character’s name.


* Uniqueness: learning by trying
While listening each fruit story, kids also can try each fruit right away with help of parent.
* Useful: Let’s eat fruit everyday.
We use VR cartoon story to teach them about variety of fruits.
* Innovative: Interactive with storyInside the story
we also have a lot of scenes that users need to interact with screen such as lean back, jump, click to select an answer.


- Create 3D modeling takes time.
- When composed file needed to consider the file size for user’s phone memory and performance.
- Need more device for tested. But sometime it hard to find some of device in Thai gadget market.

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