Create an app that contains all applicable laws, regulations and decrees to assist IUU investigators and port inspectors.


KnowFish is a mobile app to help IUU investigators and port inspectors by providing easy access to laws, regulations, maps and species — all based on a user’s detected location.

How KnowFish Helps

*Mobile tool for countries that may lack the capacity and/or resources to effectively address IUU activities in their jurisdictions

*Potential to save countries time, money and resources

*Ability to report IUU fishing and seafood fraud

*Provides easy access to relevant information


  • Utilizes geofencing which defines geographical areas of interest, and can notify the user when they enter or exit a geofence

  • Displays laws and regulations relevant to detected location

  • Features a location-aware species indicator which provides the user with probable species within the area

  • Includes an incident reporting feature, lists of IUU vessels, links to full text legislative documents

  • The application programming interface (API) empowers developers and provides additional capabilities for future integration

Challenges We Ran Into

Sourcing accurate information, finding maps.


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