We are a group of female-identifying students who are either currently on co-op or are heading into the workforce very soon. Since we are young and a minority in our male-dominating industries we feel unprepared to ask for fair promotions or salary raises.

What it does

The app is connected to a machine-learning API that engages in salary negotiation practice with the female client through a chatbot. The app also provides features for the female to record her work achievements, engage in a community platform with like-minded females in the industry, and gain the confidence that she is entitled to in asking for deserved pay and wage equality.

How I built it

We used Figma for our UI/UX design and emphasized user experience as well as aesthetics. We developed the backend and tried to integrate the machine learning API using Flutter and Android Studio. We also got some mad support from our mentors Javic from SAP and Marc from UBC :D.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges included the difficulty of interfacing Flutter with the API and with Figma. We had trouble finding documentation online to achieve this since Flutter is a recently released software development kit. Despite this, we were determined to achieve our goal of learning to develop an app and enthusiastic to tackle a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learning a new IDE and language was a big milestone for us. We were focused on learning and enthusiastic about our product idea and stuck to it despite the additional technical challenges that we faced. Winning all of the #slack-contests, running on <4 hours of sleep, and eating our body weight in sugar. Also, we got some exposure to some sick software for future projects.

What I learned

Flutter Android Studio Dark Using API endpoints The importance of salary negotiation for your personal professional development!

What's next for Know Your Worth

We would love to fully integrate and improve the chatbot that utilizes AI. Additionally, we would love to implement further professional development applications such as networking/interviewing skills, and financial education.

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