My partner and I were talking about what ways technology is affecting us in daily life the most. We agreed that it was social media, and we started to break down its pro's and con's, its possibilities and limitations. The attraction of social media was the element of social inclusion, or keeping people connected, while the harmful element was fostering of egocentrism and focus on materialism rather than forming meaningful connections with others. We wanted to make a new social media platform that addressed both the positives and negatives of social media.

What it does

The app creates a visual map of people's interactions with each other (called knots) which are connected to people's profiles ( which are called nodes). The intention of the app is for users to upload not their own photos but photos of their friends for them. This encourages two things: getting people to meet together in real life, making them form visible and meaningful bond, as well as create a selfless attitude where relationships are valued more than bragging about oneself. Message system also encourages users to send a thank-you letter in response to the experience/photo sent by your friend.

How we built it

We used Apple's Swift software to build all of the app, using XCode as a emulator and compiler. For the front end, we used Adobe Illustrator to create all the artwork.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of experience with ios development, bugs, sleeplessness, and more bugs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Following up on each other's promise to come together in a distant place. Having an app that is functional and can do various things. How smooth it runs, and the novelty of the idea.

What we learned

We better come prepared (materialwise and software wise). Lack of preparation takes away time twofold since we have to go back many steps before making progress in order to just figure what the error is.

What's next for Knots

Many things. Improvement of bugs, an actual online database for storing information, and algorithm for searching as well as displaying clean ui. We want to better access the phone's camera, and perhaps use voice recording for some more meaningful human connections. If possible, we'd like to implement face/object recognition to emphasize photos of faces over food or other objects, as well as enforcing the "Do not post on your own wall" rule.

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