What it does

As per our observations, we reached a conclusion that many students of our college have to buy certain stuff 🧪 (Labcoats🥼 , Drafters, novels📚 , etc) which are only required for a very short span of time, after which these products are clustered in their almirahs and remain of no use.

The problem is also faced by last year students who have to carry such non-needy stuffs with them back home.

Thinking more about it, we decided to take a step forward in order to solve this issue. We learned alot from the 3 R's principle i.e.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Hence, we decided to make use of this principle to solve the problem.

We formed an online exchange portal named KXP(KIET Xchange Portal) where students of our college will be able to sell/buy the non-needy/needy stuffs respectively.

This will definitely help the students to cut down the expenses, and will even allow some of them to earn from the platform. We value your money and will dedicate ourselves to provide seamless services.

Language used

: HTML5 : CSS3 : Python : Django : Bootstrap : Javascript : MySql

What we learned

Working with Backend technology was completely new to our team.

Making a solution that is intuitive, simple, and easy to use.

Learned web hosting, which was also something new to our team.

What are the problem faced by making website

There are many problems faced by our team on making this project.

A large number of errors occurs in our path when we dealing with Django ( backend framework)

The toughest part is to do hosting by Heroku.

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