Everyone has some desires which they wish to fulfill, but don’t realize what they really like. At times, even if they do realize what they really want, they find it hard to get it for themselves.

Have you ever been in a situation where you know exactly what you want but don’t remember where you saw it? Or maybe you know it in your head but don’t know the words to describe it?

For the reasons mentioned above, we have designed a concept based on Artificial Intelligence that would search the web to find the sneakers that you love the most. We use speech recognition to find out your reaction when you are looking at a sneaker on the internet and combine it with your browsing habits to give you the results that matter the most.

We have an option where you can subscribe to receive updates about the product you just viewed. So whenever there’s a new offer or a similar upcoming model get notified by us!

What it does

Designed for Sneakerheads, this chrome extension uses speech recognition combined with AI to capture user’s expression. As users browse the internet and utter words, the extension records them in the background to match with keywords in a database. Speech recognition in addition to data from user's browsing history helps us craft a customized feed from what's popular in the Sneakerhead community including Sneakercon announcements, new arrivals and much more. Moreover, it allows the user to maintain a profile where they can add their collection or save favorites. The Kickhead Instant feature pulls up relevant sneaker data and overlays a pop-up whenever a trending keyword is recognized by the speech recognition system.

How we built it

The project was designed in 3 phases:

  1. User Research: We gathered information about the Sneakerhead community from blogs and online articles to understand their needs.

  2. Wireframing: We started the conceptual design of the project and brainstormed on features and technology to be used. Subsequently, we designed wireframes of the Extension to help us guide through the prototyping process.

  3. Prototyping: After wireframes, the next step was to design a brand identity which included a careful choice of color scheme and typography followed by icon design. We deployed the color scheme and drafted the high-fidelity prototype which is included in the images.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was our very first orientation with the sneakerhead community, determining the use cases seemed to be a big challenge. Since we had a team of only 2 members and just 24 hours, it was difficult to come up with a full implementation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The constraints of the challenge required us to use speech recognition for a relatively rare community which made up for an exclusive use case. It was worth spending 24 hours to brainstorm and find solutions for such a novel use case.

What we learned

This was the first time we attempted to make an extension for chrome using the chrome extension API. It was really interesting to build the basic structure of the extension.

What's next for Kickhead

Turning it into a full-fledged extension implementing artificial intelligence for speech coupled with content awareness.

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