Driving is super expensive - first the price of the car, then gas, then maintenance, and the list will go on. Worst of all, some of these costs are recurring meaning they just wont stop! My inspiration comes from the big companies that love advertising and my hobby of nice cars which sadly I can't afford yet as a second year Electrical Engineering Student.

Kervr is an iOS application that allows users to get paid to have ads on the outside of their car. Depending on where they drive, when they drive (time of day), and the distance they drive - the money they make will vary depending on these variables.

I built it using xCode and a local server for now. For my MVP I had a web based application to show the calculations happening in real time as well as an app to show the front end user interface.

This was my first hackathon that I have done alone, the previous three I attended I had won a prize with my team. For this hackathon, I believed that if I did it alone I could grow as an individual and become a better hacker - although it was a challenge I truly believe I not only became a better hacker but a better sales man and am able to pitch my ideas much more concisely.

Kervr will not be stopping here, I will be working on this project until the backend framework is complete. The databases are currently in a document and not on the cloud so I will be transferring that when the hackathon is complete.

bold // During the hackathon, I went to almost all the sponsor booths pitching my idea and telling them that I would like them to get involved in my Hack. If I am selected to be in the top 10, I told the sponsors that with a 25$ sponsorship towards Kervr I will provide them ad space on my slideshow while I pitch my idea to the 1000 attendees and judges. I received close to 250$. I couldn't care about the money - its the message that it sends. These companies spent 25$ for ad space on a wall, which just proves companies would definitely spend money to get on your cars. \\ bold

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