How about old-fashioned approach of rushing through real estate websites and surfing like a crazy on Google Street Views to guess how it will be to live in this place?

Are you expat? Or just newcomer in Berlin? Find a place to work or leisure by walking around! Feel the positive vibes of Katyon Go, extremely simple and convinient way to explore new opportunities you will definitely like.

What it does

We introduce a new way to discover proptech offers facilitated by Augmented Reality.

How we built it

We started by series of iterations, to check how easy it would be to enable old techies for new ideas.

We mixed a two-year Android smartphone with Augmented Reality tech, topped up with geolocation and accelerometer, juiced with small, but tasty Proptech ideas.

Challenges we ran into

Glue augmented reality, geolocation (gps + compass) and Proptech

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learn mobile development in 24 hours, delivered full fledged solution

What's next for Katyon Go

Proptech virtual ads?

Built With

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