Project Description

Imagine this.

A world where each of us have our own little travel agent, handling all the hassle that comes with transport like navigation, fees, planning... you get the gist.

Well, what if I told you that the solution is here : Kata!

Kata is a mobile application which goal is to turn all types of transportation, whether it be daily commuting or within the country, train or taxi, into something as easy as going in a personal car.

With Kata, you won't need to worry about buying tickets or availability of transport. In this prototype, we present how Kata would work with a system like Transpod.

How does Kata work? Open the app, create an account, log your payment information, scan the departure QR code, board and relax. Once you get to the destination, scan again the QR code and voila!

In addition, with travels information of all the customers are all logged in the database. This eventually can allow further data analysis of traveling habits and can provide insight on what development might be needed in the future, as well as Machine Learning or AI to add extra performance or better user experience.

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