Mental illness is prevalent across the globe, and has personally affected the family and friends of all group members. Advances in machine learning is empowering individuals to be able to tackle problems of such critical importance.

What it does

Kanjō tracks your mood through short, self-recorded daily video journals. Sentimentality of the journal entries is calculated and tracked overtime. This provides easily understandable visual feedback for the user, allowing them to become more self-aware of their habitual thought-patterns, and helps them self-direct into a more positive frame of mind.

Additionally, keywords are generated form the context of the entries, which are also tracked over time, and provided to the user. This allows them to identify patterns in their daily life that might not be obvious, and completely automates the process of tracking their overall mental wellness.

Three key advantages:

-Current journaling apps have manual user inputs, Kanjō automates this process, making it easier to use -Identify habitual patterns and triggers through the power of artificial intelligence -Train users to boost your overall positivity over time

How I built it

We started by examining the different tools in the Azure cloud computing platform. We took a special interest in the video indexer, since it combined many aural and visual AI technologies. With a better understanding of these technologies, and our given inspiration, we were able to identify a pertinent use-case.

We filmed 10 videos to simulate daily video entries, which we then processed in the Video Indexer. We used Wix as a front end to call the Video Indexer API, and created a dashboard that displayed a users positivity over time, as well as list possible triggers

Challenges I ran into

  • wix- connecting api to wix
  • technical challenges
  • identifying features that's relevant to what we're trying to do

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

combining different APIs learning how to use wix solving/addressing a serious problem - providing an effective alternative to journaling. incorporating new tools + using it effectively learning ML, using ML principles, we solution a hack that apply to a real-world tangible problem that could potentially make a significant impact to users building better communities build better individuals

What I learned

What's next for Kanjō

  • a mobile app

Kanjō tracks your mood by automating the process of journaling with ML to help you better understand your thoughts

2 benefits - easier to use, easier to get an overview of your improvement, by helping you feel more aware of ur thought pattern. helps identify triggers to our moods that are not obvious Tracking your mood is benefits. Currently it's a manual proccess with the power of machine learning. we can automatic this process to better understand our habitual patterns. and manage our positivity. journaling is a manual process - manual user inputs.

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