"Kaltura Local" uses GPS, iBeacon, and Augmented reality to create a new level of contextual awareness for video. If you are at a museum, you can see videos of a virtual tour guide for the exhibit you're standing in. If you're at a retailer, you can get product demos while standing in the aisle. News videos can be tagged with geolocations. These are just the beginning. All of the location features are enabled using a cutting edge location aware video platform that is built on top of Kaltura's open source APIs.

There is a web app hosted on Rackspace at But the core of the app is built natively on mobile. If you have an iPad and will be at Kaltura CONNECT, then let's connect. There are a limited number of spots, but please send an email to sam@bigairsoftware.com and I will do my best to send an invitation to the beta program. The Augmented Reality technology must be seen to be believed. I will also be giving private demos at the CONNECT conference.

Thank you for your time, I hope you agree that Location aware video will make a real impact for your business. Don't forget to vote for "Kaltura Local"

Thank You, Sam Harrell

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