Walking around college campus during move out time blew my mind. I saw dumpsters full of perfectly good couches, sound systems, and desks, among other things.

Then it hit me: An obvious way to help reduce waste and protect the environment. And the best part: it's a win win situation. When you place your "trash" on the curb, simply snap a photo and upload it to the app. Then, people can search for free stuff around them and pick it up. Hassle free; no user accounts, no interactions, no money exchange. For once, saving the environment doesn't have to be a headache. Grab stuff before it hits the landfill!

A key feature of the app is that you must be physically near (within a quarter mile) to claim the item and remove it from the database. This way, people can't claim items before actually taking them.

College users are the target user as we move so frequently and often are in a rush. The app will be pushed during move out season, and I aim to place "JusTake boxes" aside the dumpsters for people to put "fake trash" in.

I started it as a Mobile web app to allow the app to work on all devices and reach the largest audience. I plan to build native Android and iOS versions in the future; and with the help of the Parse SDK, it will be quite simple!

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