I have struggled with depression and panic attacks for two years. I did not know what depression was until I started doing my own research because I knew something was off. I come from a Hispanic household, and topics such as depression and anxiety are not discussed due to their negative connotation. Depression is like you're screaming underwater, and it is painful. It is heartbreaking seeing your life pass by without feeling anything. My pain was my inspiration. I needed help, and it was extremely hard as a woman of color to find the proper resources available in my community. I know other women of color struggle with mental illness, and I want to let them know that depression is real and painful, but it is not impossible to overcome.

What it does

Just Breath, helps a user control their panic attack by using the 4-7-8, a breathing exercise called Pranayama. It also gives the user the comfort of having their contact of choice as their speed dial contact.

How we built it

I used a variety of softwares to build different categories.

  • Unsplash - Images for my mood board
  • Nike Instagram - Images for my color mood board
  • Canva - Designs & graphics
  • Abobe InDesign - Design & graphics
  • HTML & CSS - Portfolio

Challenges we ran into

A challenge that I ran into was learning the basics of coding. I decided to create a portfolio where I can showcase this project, as a student studying project management I had no clue where to start.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I pushed myself to learn how to use different softwares. I also tested my design abilities to the fullest. I am extremely proud of my coding basics! This project was so much fun and I feel so proud of what I was able to accomplish and learn. As an inspiring product manager, I created my first PRD and hope to learn from feedback.

What we learned

I learned that when creating an application there is so much work and attention to detail to it. It is easy to download an app and criticize if it's user friendly or not, I have so much respect for app developers. I also learned through my research how many people cannot afford health insurance, which prevents them from seeking mental help.

What's next for Just Breathe

I strive to bring mental awareness to BIPOC, I hope to add to this app the ability to have users look for psychologists in their area. Based on my survey that I conducted, 71% of participants felt that as BIPOC they do not receive the same medical attention as everyone else. Having psychologists that represent your community is the next step to providing the right help.

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