What inspire us to build this project is because there's a huge fandom of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure out there and many cosplayers that have to use a special makeup to make they look exactly like the comic or the animation and many fans who do what called Jojo's Pose but they can do the makeup so with SparkAR now they don't need to learn a makeup and just straight using it wherever they are like in cosplay event or event just for their photo profile

What it does

It gives the user face a mask that makes they look like Jojo's character and it gives a menacing effect animation and when the user clicks the screen it will give an anime zoom effect and change the menacing effect animation to the intense one

How we built it

We used SparkAR to build it and for the assets, we use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to make it, we divide the job into three-piece. First, the particle effect for the menacing effect animation we leave it to Adrian. Second, for the face mask and anime zoom effect we leave it to Diksi (skulltron), and for the purple color to make it look menacing like in the animation and the tapping screen that changes the animation we leave it to Anthony (Mbahmo)

Challenges we ran into

Logic Animation that was very difficult to dealt with for the animation when to awaken condition and back to normal condition for the Spark AR to make (because it was easy for make the logic on the programming language lol). It is how the looping started for the animation play and how animation to be stopped and started other state animation that we prepared for this filter.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What I proud from this filter is that I can actually make something from this facebook product and contribute to a local developer circle from Bali (where I came from) and at the build day in there we won the second place for the SparkAR, although we just only get the second place we hope Jojo's fandom out there can use this filter to have fun with their community.

What we learned

Using SparkAR too make an AR is easy and fun, although there is some limit that the program can do but in the future we believe it can be better and more people can have fun and contribute to their local community or the fandom or just to make a meme's from this product.

What's next for Jojo's Bizzare Adventure Parody Filter

Maybe more flexibility for the user so they can choose what effect the program shows, it means more feature how the effect will show for or added some character option for the filter effect.

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