I was inspired by other apps that take something relatively expensive, a gym membership in Joinfit's case, and create a platform for it for people to do it for free. People do not only save a lot of money on their gym membership but they also get to go outside and meet new people while staying fit!

What it does

Joinfit is a webapp that let's you participate in sporting activities with others. You can login on the homepage after which you can create a request to let people in your area know which sport you want to do, where and when you want to do it and with how many people. The requests will be dispayed in the list below the form where others can view and join in on the requests.

How I built it

I have had the idea for the site for a while but never took the time to begin creating it. When I noticed the Make School App Compition I immediately began. I first created the UI-design in Adobe Illustrator after which I began the development of the website. The backend of Joinfit is built with PHP and uses MySQL to store the user data and requests in the database

Challenges I ran into

Due to the fact that there was limited time I had to work on it as much a I could, this was mainly on evenings and weekends as it was sometimes very hard to combine it with my schoolscedule.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first App Competition I have ever participated in and I am proud that I got the site up and running in such a short time period. I don't think I have ever created a working website like this one as fast but with my newly gained experience, I will definetly use it again next time.

What I learned

I didn't have much experience in PHP and MySQL in the past and definetly not with creating a user login system but I used Google and Stackoverflow to look up everything I needed to know to make it work.

What's next for JoinFit

As Joinfit is still in an early beta-phase, the site still neads a lot of polishing and optimizing and I will keep working on it after the competition. I am also planning on creating an android and iOS app for JoinFit so it will be easier for the users to request and join while on the go.

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