Actually we pivoted a while and got inspired by a Hackerstolz member - Jascha! He was so intrigued by chatbots that we thought, it would be an awesome project to realise in the 24h we had.

What it does

Jenny is just awesome! She tells you the wifi password, tells jokes, drinks with you and actually can get drunk! Jenny also can give you dares, send funny cat pictures and get pretty salty - so watch out! We are adding some functions like cocktail recipes. As Jenny has machine learning implemented she continues to learn new commands.

How we built it

We used Microsoft bot framework to teach Jenny commands and we used different API for the actual functions like jokes and cat pictures, these were done in node.js. Furthermore we used Phillips Hue and had some great support from the Hue expert Niek.

Challenges we ran into

A little bit of everything, some thing just not working the way we wanted to - like server issues.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Actually making a working bot that can interact on slack, telegram and some other messengers!

What we learned

Javascript, grinding in Illustrator, machines don't understand languages like humans do, teamwork

What's next for Jenny - the party bot

Becoming a guest at every party!

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